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Meet your local rancher:

My name is Leigh Anne, I'm 26 years old, and I own and operate Go West Ranch.  Okay, in reality, I'm a young kid with big dreams and little money.  Meet my backers, mom and pop.  They let me run my ranch on their farm, in exchange for me running their farm for them.  I've always had an interest in crops and cattle, and I received my first hands-on introduction to the farming industry as a 13 year old kid driving tractors, changing siphon tubes and damming ditches on a neighbor's 200 acre corn/hay/barley operation in Colorado.

A few years went by and we moved to eastern Washington; we initially raised alfalfa hay on our new farm, which was a good educational experience for me, but it lacked the acreage and equipment necessary to be worthwhile.  I overseeded the hay fields with orchard grass and started my venture into the cattle business the same way a lot of young ranching entrepreneurs do: with one cow.

Thirteen years later, with a lot of advice, encouragement and help from local southeastern Washington farmers and ranchers, plenty of live and learn experience, and the best customers any business could ask for, Go West Ranch looks forward to serving you locally produced beef, "from our field to your table"!

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