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Welcome to our website!  Go West Ranch is located in the Walla Walla Valley at the foot of the Blue Mountains in southeastern Washington State.  We are 4 miles south of Lowden, Washington, between Walla Walla and Touchet.  Our ranch is family owned and operated and we are committed to producing locally grown, all natural, pasture raised locker beef using sustainable farming methods and humane animal handling practices.

We market our beef directly from the ranch, with no middle-man to drive up our customer's costs, and no retailers to steal valuable relationships built by the experience of actually knowing where your food comes from and meeting the person who grew it.

We eat our own beef and are just as concientious as our customers about how we raise our livestock.  With the increasing negativity commonly projected by the main-stream media concerning feedlots and commercial slaughtering facilities, ranchers are more and more feeling the need to be especially transparent about the caring and respectful relationship that we have with our animals, who are actually our partners in business and are treated as such every single day we work together.  These days, the only way for American consumers to trust how and know where their food was grown is by purchasing it directly from the person who grew it.

By running our own cow/calf operation, we can guarantee that the beef you buy for your family was born, raised and harvested without ever having set a hoof off our ranch.  As our "Pics" page (coming soon) will document, our beef does not need a "Humanely Raised" label on it for you to see how much we love and take pride in caring for our animals.

Our cattle are fed an all-natural diet which contains no animal by-products, antibiotics, hormones, or steroids.  They are pastured on top quality, irrigated grass/alfalfa fields which are not sprayed with any chemical pesticides or herbicides.  We have been working towards extensively expanding our grazing season with the use of Management-intensive Grazing systems and "forage chains"; our goal for next year is to need alfalfa hay only for a protein *supplement* for our fall-calving herd- not as their main feedsource!


We would enjoy answering any questions about our ranch and beef program, please feel free to give us a call!  

~Leigh Anne Sauve'~


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